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Questions about our venue? Please read our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Why can’t we use the Balcony?

The building standards were different when the Hall was built 125 years ago. The beautifully curved railing along the balcony is under three feet tall, coming to about mid-thigh on most people. This is too low for today’s standards. We do allow people to go up to the balcony to decorate and take photos (limiting the number of people).

2) Why can’t we have our own bartenders?

With every rule there is usually a reason. The Orono Town Hall fundraises for every renovation in the Hall. A lot of the Hall is original and cannot be replaced. The Board decided to put it in their bylaws that the Board will bartend all events, so that the Hall will always have representative present when alcohol is served. This arrangement serves both our patrons and the Hall better. Each event has a minimum of two Bartenders at $18.00 per hour each. Bartending hours begin one hour before the bar opens and end one hour after the bar closes (set up and take down).  Twenty-one days prior to the event a payment (cheque, cash, e-transfer) payable to the Orono Town Hall Board is due, for bartending, damage deposit and balance owing on rental fee.

3) Can we postdate our cheques?

No. All monies, bartending fees ($18/hour X 2 bartenders, damage deposit of $250, and any unpaid balance on rental fees) must be paid 21 business days prior to the event. Failure to do so could result in cancellation.

4) What all comes with the Hall?

When renting the upper level of the Hall the renter gets full use of the kitchen dishwasher, large sliding-door fridge, stove, and microwave and sliding door cooler at the bar (no dishes, cutlery, glassware, or plates). The renter can use the coffee makers that are in the kitchen (100 cup, 40 cup). The Hall has 25 rectangle tables ( 6ft x 3ft) and 120 padded folding chairs. If the renter is going to rent any other furniture, it needs to be picked up before 8:00 am the following morning to allow the next day’s renters have full use of the hall. ( All deliveries must be made using the back door of the hall). When renting the hall on a Friday or Saturday the renter can get into the hall early on the day of the event by making arrangements well in advance with the caretaker. Renters cannot get in the day before to decorate.  Renter must make another contract and rent the hall at an hourly rate.

5) Is the Hall accessible?

Yes, the hall is now accessible. The building has the main hall on the upper level and the washrooms on the lower level. An elevator has been installed to make the hall accessible. To enter the building via our accessible location, go to the entrance is located at the back of the building. We also have installed an accessible washroom.

6. Who gets the money from the bar when renting the hall?

The renters gets all the money from the bar. The renter pays the bartenders .

7) Do we get our own Alcohol Permit? Do we supply the Bar? Do we need a PAL Policy? When does Alcohol need to be out of the hall and when can we bring it in?

The Renter is responsible for their own Special Events Permit (Alcohol) , purchasing their own Alcohol, mixes, ice and glassware. The renter must purchase a PAL (Personal Alcohol Liability Policy) through the renter’s home insurance plan. Also the renter needs a person to sell bar tickets ( this person must be over 18 years of age). Alcohol is only allowed in the hall on the day of the event – the date written on the Permit. The Alcohol must be removed from the hall directly following the event. Before the bar can open the bartenders need a copy of the Special Event Permit and the PAL policy as these need to be posted. Please remember when using a Special Events Permit – it is only good for room mentioned on the permit, not outside the hall or downstairs.

8) How do I contact the Town Hall?

For renting information, dates of availability and to view the hall, please call the hall at 905-243-5104, or contact us through this web site https://oronotownhall.com/contact-us

9) What comes with the Gazebo?

When using the Gazebo at the Orono Public Library, it comes as is. NOTHING CAN BE REMOVED FROM THE ORONO TOWN HALL AND BROUGHT OVER TO THE GAZEBO. Hydro is available upon request, prior to date of the event. Please do not ask the Library staff for help. Gazebo must be pre booked through the Orono Town Hall. Chairs must be rented. All decorations must be removed from the gazebo. If the Orono Town Hall Board must hire someone to clean, the fee will come from the damage deposit, a minimum of $50.

10). Is there always someone at the hall?

The Orono Town Hall has no full time staff, so when not in use the hall is locked. The Rental Coordinator is a volunteer – not staff. On the day of a rental, the Caretaker or a Board Member will open the hall. The Renter then needs to have someone stay at the hall to oversee the goings on at the hall, delivery of alcohol, D.J. set up, caterers, decorators etc. The Caretaker or the Rental Coordinator will not go back and forth to unlock and lock the hall throughout the day. An Orono Town Hall Board Member or the Caretaker will lock the hall after the event is over.

11) Do we get our Damage Deposit Back?

When sending in the Damage Deposit, the hall cashes the cheque. Once the event is over the Caretaker and a Board member will check the hall. If there are no damages, the Town Hall Board will then issue the Renter a cheque for the full amount, 10 business days after event.

12) What is the Mailing Address for the Hall and the Gazebo?

Orono Town Hall
PO Box 561, 5315 Main St
Orono, ON L0B 1M0

127 Church St
Orono, ON L0B 1M0

13) What about Parking?

Parking is available on the streets surrounding the hall.


The Orono Town Hall Board & the Municipality of Clarington are not responsible for anything lost, stolen, or damaged.

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